Sunday, August 06, 2006

Another week gone

I've already been here a month. I can't believe it. It feels like I've been here forever and it feels like I've just arrived. It's rather strange.

There's not much new to report. Training and Model School have taken up much of my time. But Model School is finally over! I should spend my time studying my Chinese because now I don't have a good excuse not to, but we'll see.

This week I played more Mah Jiang--a tile game like rummy that everyone plays. All the language classes at my training hub headed to the outskirts of Chengdu to play in these tea houses. I've tried playing with my Wai Po, but she and her friends play way too quickly for me. Zhong Dian taught me another Chinese game, "Fight the Landlord," which I like better. It's a card game you play 2 against 1, and she usually wins whenever we play. But she must be a great teacher because when I play with all my fellow PC trainees, I usually win.

Among Zhong Dian's many talents (and I'm not exaggerating, she has many talents) is her love of basketball. I know, it's perfect for me. We finally got out to play the other night, right after it had rained. I think she was a bit surprised how well I could play, and her mother thought I should now coach her. We shot around for a bit until it got too dark to play. But we didn't leave before I stepped into a puddle of water, slipped, and fell right on my butt. Is anyone surprised? And on the way home, my host mother told me that I should consider their home my home, and whenever I come to Chengdu, there will always be a place for me to stay!

This coming week is big. On Wednesday, they're announcing our sites and then Saturday we leave for our site visits. I'm probably heading to Gansu, which will be at least a 22 hour train ride. Luckily I won't be alone for the trip as most of my trainees will also be headed there. After we return, we're only here another three weeks before we swear in and officially become PC Volunteers. But I'm already sad about leaving here, as I've been really fortunate with the family I've been given.

An update on numbers. We began with 61 trainees. We're down to 58. 3 people have gone home so far, though no one from my training site has left.


At 2:14 PM, Blogger Scott said...

HEY YOU!!! Wondering where you went. Not like you have a lot on your table or anything(C: We miss you tons!!! Literally EVERYONE today has asked me "How's Angie?" I tell them all the same... I haven't heard from her, so I am sure things are GREAT! I do miss you though, so that's lame(C: I continue to put money aside for the "Angie Visit" and keep telling myself that my trip will be here soon. I am so glad to hear that you are learning your tile game. I am sure you will be knockin' their socks off soon at it. And my answer is "No"... I am not surprised about the puddle thing. Is Basketball big in China? I am sure it is...

I am glad to hear that everything is going well. Although a 22 hour train ride is nothing to look forward to, I am sure the visit to your site will be GREAT and very exiciting!

Nothing is new here. My parents finished the house remodel! It looks nice, but dealing with the final touches and the parents is as fun as you can imagine it would be. I am finishing off a battle with a sinus infection, but it hasn't stopped me from my bike riding. We are going to the beach on Sept 2nd, and you are DEFINITELY invited(C: If you cannot make it, we will understand. I miss you tons and love you more, hope all is going well. Bye my dear!

At 2:27 AM, Blogger Kentucky said...

Nice to read the blog and hear you are showing off your "baller" skills in China. I'll expect you to be dunking whilst insulting me in Chinese next time we play. :)

At 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
It's good to hear from you. We're all fine. Heidi starts school this week, I think. I'm enjoying my vacation. I bought and have almost finished reading Blink by Malcolm
Gladwell. It's good. Heidi gave me some Frank Peretti books which I want to read before school starts.
I'm glad you are enjoying your stay with the host family, playing a tile game and basketball.
We love you and miss you,
Love, Mom


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